Tuesday, July 04, 2006

all you need to get a date...

i've heard that all you need to get a date is another date. i use this theory into convincing my friends to take me out for a good meal. rarely does it work, as they see right through my plan because it is a widely known fact that i love good food, especially when it's free.

i was invited to a wedding in july and my invitation donned the words and guest. usually i am grateful to receive the honor of getting to choose who i want to go to the wedding with and not being stuck alone with my couple friends. this time it is a little trickier. i am friends with the groom, and all of his friends. so if i ask any of them..."hi, would you like to be my date to a wedding that you were already invited to and probably have someone else in mind to take?" that won't work...it has to be an outside prospect. on the flip side, take someone who wasn't invited, and you're entertaining them while missing the fun with my actual guy friends. oh the dilemma!!

instead of worrying about this, i channeled my energy into finding the perfect dress for the event. i found a dress in california that i couldn't get off my mind, but i couldn't find the money in my wallet to get it out of the store. so for that past couple of months i've scoured the internet, boutiques, any store, every store and have come up short.

until sunday. i found a dress and it's gorgeous. it's not identical to the one i passed up in california, but it is all together sassy in it's own way. it's fabulous...silky, sexy, unique...it is not your mamma's summer wedding sun dress...and it might be a shirt and not a dress.

once i share that piece of information with boys they are more than happy to escort me to this wedding. i've already had two offer their hands, but i'm keeping my options open. it wasn't another date, all i needed to get a date was a dress that might be a shirt.