Sunday, July 09, 2006

the other woman

last night i was the other woman. i walked in to a wedding reception that my ex and his wife were attending. he came over to speak to me, and he was heavier than i remembered. while he was talking to me he kept getting closer and closer until i could feel him up against me and it made my insides hot and tingly. he asked if my number had changed and i tried to put it in his phone, but couldn't get the numbers right. it didn't matter though, my number was already there. we walked out together and he went left, i went right and we met up outside.

he looked at me and said, "guess who i hooked up with in the bahamas?" for a second i was relieved that he didn't take his marriage seriously, because i was starting to feel uncomfortable and tawdry. if i could take my cues from him, then my feelings could be swept under the carpet for a moment.

"i hooked up with my wife in the bahamas." so perhaps his marriage wasn't as lackadaisical as i had imagined and hoped. i retained that thought until he picked me up and we started kissing like high school students with unbridled passion.

i am the other woman. he is cheating on the woman he took vows with to to scratch and itch we had so many years ago.

thank god this was all just a dream, and when i woke up the world was just as it should be. even though i couldn't get him off my mind yesterday, it was reassuring to think that i still have the chance to choose the high road in my real life.