Wednesday, July 12, 2006

so little time

and so many things to do. the truth is, my time in austin is rapidly depleting, and my guilt card is turning into reality. my guilty card gets played when I want to do something or I want to spend time with someone. "but in a few months i won't be able to do that...or you won't get to see me." eventually it got old and my friends no longer felt guilty. "it's not like you're dying, you're moving to chicago." the reality is, it feels like apart of me is dying and i'm being reincarnated in chicago.

people often ask the question, "if you knew you only had one year, one day, one week to live, how would you spend it?" i have at least two weeks left, possibly would i spend them before my life in austin comes to an end?

1. i would drink innapropriate amounts of alcohol and do inappropriate things so i could rehash them over the don juan at juan in a million.

2. i would spend time with each significant friend i have here so i could give them a proper goodbye.

3. i would go have a picnic at shepard mountain's my favorite view in austin and i've always wanted to do that.

4. i would drink wine on the porch with jaimie and allison. we have it down to an art now.

5. i would start at congress and ceasar chavez and drive towards the capital for one last good look.

6. i would write notes to everyone who has made an impact on my life and helped me to become the person i am today.

7. i would eat...fried pickles/jalapenos from pluckers, a puffy taco from vivo's (and then leave the rose on the dash board of course), tomato basil soup from la madeline (it isn't everywhere folks!), a supreme piece of roppolos pizza, a cabana bowl from taco c, a tiny mexican vanilla ice cream from amy's

8. i would drink...a peach margarita from jardin carona, a mexican martini from trudy's (they don't get me drunk...not even tipsy...but it's just so austin!), any shot from the aquarium, a big beer at logans, a strawberry limeade from sonic, a red bull and vodka from...hell...anywhere!

9. i would dance to bad mamajama and brick house at 311.

10. i would have sex with Matthew McConaughey on the 50 yard line of DKR stadium.

i know it's so cliche...people always say sex if asked that question. matthew does visit austin often, so what's a girl to do? after all, it's a dying girls last wish!