Sunday, July 30, 2006

frequently asked questions

the big move is almost here. for so long it seemed like it was months away, and now i have less than 10 days left of my austin life.

two parties were thrown in my honor this past weekend. both were perfect and unimaginably fun topped off with delicious food, drinks just the way i like them, shakira dancing, people i love and many questions.

what are you doing in chicago? i don't know. i'm going to live life. to make a new start. hopefully, i'll find a job that suits me to a tee along the way.

are you moving for a boy? i am not. i am moving for me because i yearn for a new beginning and change of scenery. luckily for me, i have a fabulous best friend who already lives there and is happy to accompany me on my new journey.

are you scared or nervous? truth be told, i ask myself this question more often than anyone else. i'm freaking myself out, because i'm so calm. there are no sleepless nights. no pit in my stomach. which in and of itself kind of makes me nervous. it forces me to believe that this is exactly what i'm supposed to be doing, and this is exactly the perfect time for me to be doing it. that makes me happy and reassured.

however, the weirdest question i've gotten to date is...

are you going to lollapalooza? i'm not even really sure what that is. i assume it's the music festival that i first remember hearing of in the 90s when green day and pearl jam were big. i've lived in austin for 3 years and never been to ACL. ok that's not true...once i got a free bracelet and went to the sheryl crow concert. i'm so not cool enough for lollapalooza.

but i am so ready for chicago!