Sunday, August 06, 2006

organically speaking

i am so over the organic movement. granted, i've never been under or into it, but i'm decidedly over it.

however, i believe that whoever came up with this organic who ha is a genius and is laughing all the way to the bank. he has convinced a portion of society that pestisides and perservatives have not only made them fat, but it's killing them.

i can just picture him sipping a mai tai off the coast of tahiti with kenneth lay right now. it's a brilliant plan. if i can dedicate an entire supermarket to buying and selling of organics, i can charge them double and people will pay for it. while visions of dollar signs danced through his head.

i myself can confirm that i spent most of my adolesence washing hershey bars down with dr. pepper at a measly $1. 50 cents for the candy bar and another 50 for the drink. now we have smart water and protein bars at a respective $5 (a piece).

if anyone knows this guy i'd like to meet him. especially if he has a handsome intelligent son who stands to inherit the fortune. but please know that if you attend the wedding will will be serving pestiside lace food with a side of perservatives for the main course, so come prepared!