Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dear Austin,

I'm about to lay my head down under the big bright stars of Texas for the last time in a long time. When I think back on the time we shared together I get that electrifying feeling inside that comes from being with someone that you've shared good and some truly disgusting times with, but it's always a little harder to remember anything but the blissful times.

you taught me what it's like to be an independent woman in a brave new city. At times you made me fall on my face and feel like a toddler just learning to walk. You've taught me to be different. Because of you I now eat breakfast tacos instead of breakfast burritos. you taught me to expect four different names for one street and seven stop lights in a row all out of sync with each other. I now know that Mexican martinis are a perfect alternative to a hum drum margarita. I can see a person with rainbow colored hair and a tattooed face wearing only a thong, and not even blink. And of course to forget what the four seasons are; by my watch there were two cold weekends this year and it's been in the 100s since february.

you've helped me make some bad decisions, but let's not go there. even if those disgusting memories try and sneak in, Remember we're only reminiscing the good times.

thank you for the times we've shared. For the unnecessary extra weight you've added to me, because I'm just a girl who can't say no...To chips and salsa...And a few other things that are dangerous to me. Thank you for the amazing people you have housed and shared with me. I truly am grateful that you were my stepping stone and my safety net as I began a new life.

cheers to you! And even if our paths never cross again, I will always hold a special place in my heart for your weird self.


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