Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i have arrived

When I got to the airport lugging approximately 150 lbs, not counting my carry on and purse, I soon realized that just because you can check three bags doesn’t mean you should check three bags…especially if you’re flying alone. And because I think I’m so cute and witty I was dying for someone to ask me why I had so many bags…“just going away for the rest of the week…” however, no one cared. If suitcases had wheels on both sides, this would make it entirely feasible to haul three oversized suitcases. Since they don’t, I would pick up the smallest and carry it a few feet, then run back and wheel the other too…pick up the smaller suit case, wheel the other two. I was certainly a nice filler for people who had missed out on their Tuesday morning newspaper comics.

I did well with the goodbyes. I teared up a couple of times over the past month and especially last week, and as I settled into my plane seat, I let exactly one tear fall. then the floodgates opened. It occurred to me that my decision was absolute. After months of talking and dreaming about this idea to pick up my life and move to Chicago, I was on a one way flight with nothing booked for return. When it was just a thought in my head, I had a way out. I had friends, family and a job to keep me situated in Texas. Now I’ll be living on a little more than a hope and a prayer for the new adventure that I’ve risked a life change for. Fortunately, I have one of my strongest supporters with me to keep me focused and determined.

“any final advice?” I asked my mother thinking she’d say, “yeah…get a JOB!”
She thought for a moment. “enjoy.”