Wednesday, August 09, 2006

sweet dreaming

“guess what I’m listening to?”

When I returned the call, this is how I was greeted. Not your standard telephone greeting, but the kind of greeting that reminds you why you‘ve taken someone as your friend. They know you and you have your things. Your songs, your stories, your time. we’re the kind of friends that can go with out talking for a while and just pick right back up.

I’ve had a couple of dreams lately that we were secret lovers. Both times I woke up and entertained the idea throughout the day. As our friendship has gotten deeper over the years, it’s been a lot easier to imagine what it would be like. I have no doubt we’d be impeccable in the communication category and we’d happily suffer together in poverty because both know what it means to dream. Aren't those the two main things that cause break downs in relationships? Lack of communication and finances? For now, it’s not a possibility and it’s not even a blip on the radar of reality.

However, I do keep a running list of boys/men that I know that if they proposed to me tomorrow I’d say yes without a thought in my head. I’ve never even dated most of these boys, but I know their characters and I know what kind of friends they are. Which gives me no doubt in my mind that they’d all be perfectly dreamy husbands, and it’s suffice to say that my list just got longer.