Monday, September 18, 2006

the attempted young republican

last week i worked at this place and there was a guy there who in a desperate attempt at being witty came off cheesy. he was the kind of guy that you expected to give you the thumbs up at any moment. however, witty was the popular kids lunch table that he is never going to be apart of.

one day he came in wearing a blue and white gingham shirt with a red, white and navy striped tie. i couldn't help myself, "Headed out on the campaign trail later?" "yeah, maybe, don't i look like a young republican." "No...there isn't enough red, white and blue to make you look like a republican, because you're a dead giveaway democrat." he agreed. i mean come on...this isn't exactly bush country.

so we all go to lunch together and there's an obvious stain right in the middle of the knot on his tie. a girl asks about it and he says, "I got it on there a month ago, i've just been too lazy to go get it cleaned."

i say, "Why wouldn't you just lie about it? Say it happened this morning over breakfast. You're a shouldn't have any problems lying." In a wimpery whiney voice he says, "Uhh, Uhhh Republicans lie too!!!"

nice get back to your table.