Friday, September 15, 2006

out of hiding

i know i know...i'm getting it from everyone!! and honestly i have no excuses, so i'm going to muster up something to fill you in on.

for the past three years i've been paying health insurance, and probably didn't use it for actual medical needs other than buying perscriptions. but of course, when you have health insurance you don't need it. however, when you move from the allergy capital of the world to chicago, you fall prey to their vicious allergies and become a sick hag. at least that's how it happened for me. so, most of last week i was a mess - hacking lung rattling cough, sneezy, bueno.

therefore, i spent most of the weekend in bed trying to recover from the work week. i finally dragged myself out of bed around 4 on saturday and it shaped up to be a successful weekend. got a gorgeous new coat, some dill weed for $3.99 and a rendezvous with texas longhorn fans.

Since there is not one specific team here to root for, every school has a designated bar that they go to for their sporting events. (i think i've mentioned this before) I had heard about the texas bar, and decided to venture out with only my hacking lung rattling cough to check it out. i haven't wished i was back in austin for one minute since i've been here, but can i tell you how hard it was to wipe the silly grin off my face when i walked up to a room filled with burnt orange and boys in boots. God Bless Texas. and jalepenos...the tortilla soup was spicy and divine!

i do have one more story to share, but i think it will take this post from long to quite long, and i'm not sure how well it will translate onto the blog. however, i'm going to work on it, and i'm also going to work on a picture post. lost of good pics as of late. anyone know if i can put a flickr link on my page?