Wednesday, September 27, 2006

a day at the beach

i ventured out to the beach the other day, not to get a tan, but to get some peace and find some solitude. this season in chicago is the perfect time for that, because the weather has turned to fall, kids are in school, therefore, no one has time or reason to be at the beach.

throughout my years of visiting different beaches i've always felt there is no bigger reminder of the majesty of who the Lord and creator really is than taking in the scenery at the beach. whether it's the ocean or the lake...just sitting on the sand looking out into neverending water strikes a sense of awe deep inside of me.

this day was no different. i set out dressed in pants and a long sleeved shirt armed with my towel and my bible. after learning that i did not get the job i so anxiously awaited the news for, and experiencing that feeling of rejection for the first time, i needed this. i just laid there and stared at the water and basked in my very own peaceful glory. occasionally i would look back at the boardwalk and see the people rollerblading, or running, the high school team working out, but all of that seemed so far from my little spot in the sand.

i pulled out my bible and was reading some tried and true comforting passages of Ruth. her story was reminding me to keep faith. one job falling through was not the end of my story, it was only a stepping stone. i was where the Lord wanted me to be, and that job was not. as i'm reading and reflecting on the truths that were meant for me hitting me like a ton of bricks was someone's nasty, soaked in lake water, golden retriever who mistook my peaceful nook for a playground. before i could move he trounced all over me look for someone to play with and he was not finding it with me. i screamed and tried to move, but to no avail. golden retrievers are really big if the happen to be on top of you. that last thing i enjoy being is wet with my clothes on, especially if the "wet" is from some inconsiderate passerby who only had the audacity to shout "sorry"'s icky wet DOG!