Sunday, November 12, 2006

about that time

it's about that time again - here's a nice pictoral review of what has been going on in my life recently. two different road trips and many other excursions around the city.

to start good friend stephanie klein visited the windy city for her book tour. we had a lovely girly time eating deep dish pizza while gossiping in her hotel room and of course - the actual book signing!

after that two road trips were to baylor homecoming. going back to baylor was fabulous. i felt so completely satisfied by the end of the weekend, because i felt like i got to see and spend quality time with all of my favorite people. here are their beautiful faces -





the very next weekend we headed south again, but this time ended up in st. louis! what a fabulous weekend we spent with two amazing girls and a couple trips to sonic. we arrived on the night that the cards won the world series - so, when in rome!



we took the busch brewery tour and drank pink beer - how appropriate!

after those two weekends, i've spent the past two watching football and relaxing. this weekend wasn't as easy to take, but yet again this next weekend they will be showing the baylor game. three weeks in a row...where am i? at least i can always get away and spend some time with my favorite arkansas people...and like it or not...they are having a nice fall.

see...arkansas fans couldn't be happier right now!

thus - you are sufficiently caught up or i am completely burnt out on uploading pictures. enjoy my friends!