Friday, November 10, 2006

Dear Baylor Football Team -

I am encouraged today after reading the story behind the Louisville/Rutgers game. I learned that Rutgers played in the first college football game ever, 137 years ago, and haven't done much since. Although things have not been that bad for our school, while sitting in front of the television last Saturday and screaming words that would make my grandfather roll over in his grave if he heard, it sort of felt like it had been 137 years since anything promising had happened for our team. Now I realize, that I'm not on the team and never was, but anyone who shells out (for the next 20 years...) the money to attend our great institution affords themselves the right to call it their own.

I'm encouraged, because a story like that of Rutgers gives me hope that when I hear, "we'll be better next year", it really might be next year, or the year after that. So does Blake szymanski. From one girl's eye who has grown up watching football on all three levels but doesn't claim to know as much as the boys who are real life espn trivia books, I liked what I saw. I love quarterbacks who aren't afraid to step out of the supposedly safe trenches of their pocket and run with the ball. We all need to pray to Rufus C. Burleson that we've got a chance mock/vince young situation on our hands and that shawn bell with his torn ACL has taken our football savior off the bench and onto our field.

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but even if you're not, I'll stick around and cheer for you, even when you cause me to break one of the ten commandments, which couldn't possibly make Mr. Burleson or Grant Teaff happy. I'll be loyal - just ask britney.

football love and mine,