Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"No one knows who she is or what her name is"

I've been temping in an office for the past few days and there are apparently a lot of people here that I never see. It's one of those places where the receptionist is closed off from the other work spaces. So literally, a new person walks through the doors every 5 minutes. Since today is the last day I'm going to be here I'm not making it a huge priority to remember names. But I couldn't help but notice this really cute young guy in a nice suit came out and asked me for some laptop cords to which I know nothing about. And he introduced himself with a coy smile and said , "thanks for nothing!" i figured this was the last i'd see of the sharp dressed me, so i only made him be my pretend boyfriend for about a minute. As luck would have it, he just walked back through and said, "How long are you temping?" and I said, "only today" and he said, "Oh boo! That's no fun!" I responded with a bright red face and a giggle...don't know what I appreciated more...the office flirtation to spice the lonely day up or the fact that he just said boo in the most heterosexual way possible!

in other news... i am reached day 8 of the diet. you know how they say first mile is the worst mile...that's how it was with this. after day 2 i was ready to throw in the towel. I wanted nothing more than evey piece of cheese in the world, but now i'm at day 8 now and feel great! that's one day longer than suggested. i think i'll keep it up liberally until thanksgiving. of course i didn't weigh myself before, but i feel much better. my clothes are fitting better and i have energy to work out...and i have been. i know - don't tell anyone. wouldn't want anyone to think i'm actually motivated!