Monday, May 21, 2007

creepy profiler

i've always thought it was kind of weird when people made up fake profiles on myspace or facebook for their favorite celebrities or even when they made profiles for fictitious characters on tv or in movies. do they really feel so connected to britney or carrie bradshaw that they think that they are their alter egos?? however, i could maybe understand it - i love celebrities, i love their lives, i love their clothes, and i love to pretend those characters are real and deleriously in love in real life, so maybe...

until, it happened to me. i searched my own name on myspace (you've all done it on google - why not try myspace!) last night and i found that someone had made a fake account with my name. the first thought that crossed my mind was wait did i make a fake myspace account??? i'm forgetful, but not so forgetful that i forget i had a real myspace account thus negating the need for a fake profile.

then i thought, maybe someone made up a fake name unbeknownst to them that it was my real name. i'll admit it's a unique name with a cute spelling... made my dad feel creative, maybe it made them feel creative.

finally - i got a little peeved. if you think i'm so important and want to make a stalker profile using my name, you might as well fix it up right.

first things first... pick a better picture for the profile. how about a sassy pic of me drinking mint juleps for the derby?

or maybe a mysterious shot of me for the mysterious user to hide behind.

my location should also be updated... no longer do i fall asleep under the stars over texas...

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but for almost a year now i've woken up under a new skyline.

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and maybe you know what's best for me, but maybe i do want kids... one day. i certainly wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. not even on "my"space.