Thursday, May 24, 2007

officer, but not so much a gentleman

anyone else sit through two painful nights of the bachelor? it was agonizing for me to watch that poor bevin and her back tattoo get rejected by officer mcdreamy (her words). it's all so embarrassing. i wanted to rush on to the platform overlooking the pacific ocean and drag her away as quick as possible. it's a punch in the gut. she meets this man. they going on the most amazing dates in the world, literally. yes, i'm sure bevin will love again, but a romantic night with the soup and salad combo at the olive garden hardly compares to jumping off a waterfall in hawaii. he asks her if she could live there. warms up to her family, and takes her to meet his. the icing on the cake was when he told her that he loved her while the beautiful engagement ring belonging to another woman rested nicely in his pocket.

poor bevin. poor poor bevin. mark my words friends, this is not the end for Lt. Andy and Bevin. there's not a one of you that would snuggle and cuddle the way those two did if a few months earlier he'd done and said aforementioned things and then tacked on a hearty BUT. no way would you let him and hopefully if you have any decency ANY engaged man rub the inside of your leg on national tv. chilly i would have expected, but those two were a bit too comfy and warm.

makes me think that he's still enjoying that "electric" feeling that he's had with bevin all along while our sweet little tessa was busy picking out the perfect plastic blue bracelet for her totally mod yellow dress. we'll see if it's tessa and andy forever, and if not you heard it here first!