Wednesday, June 27, 2007

boutique idea

i was out shopping with a girlfriend the other day and found these fabulous accessories for less than $20 TOTAL - at wal*mart, no less and it hit me. she has that dream that most girls have of owning their own boutique and i do believe i have come up with the genius concept for her store. instead of going to market to get the same old over priced tanks and hand made jewelry...just go buy out wal*mart.

the way i figure - people that shop at boutiques more than likely never darken the doors of wal*mart, so they would never know that they could go to their local supercenter and pay $7 for a big trendy bag with buckles and patent leather that they are being charged $45 for in the hip boutique. me and one of my best girls will be duking it out for ownership of each of these next weekend!

or get this super chunky and even heavy necklace for $6.50 rather than the reasonable and bargain price of $30.

personally, it would be hard for me to charge those prices at a boutique, because one of my greatest pleasures in life is getting complimented on a piece and then asked where it was purchased, and then to slyly reveal my knock out price at a place where some people would never think to look. i want that same joy for everyone, but hopefully i didn't give away one of accessories best kept secrets.