Thursday, June 28, 2007

the great flood

it's been raining in chicago the past two afternoons. check that - monsooning in chicago! and yes, i do take pity on my texas friends who have been having the wettest june to date, but i doubt that any of them walk and/or take public transportation home. you know me and being wet with my clothes on... arriving home yesterday wasn't pretty, but thankfully my favorite SYTYCD choreographer, wade, created just the ditty to pull me out of my soaked misery!

the day before it just wouldn't stop, and one of my kind hearted friends offered to come pick me up, because she assured me there was just no way i'd ever get home. perhaps a little exaggerated, and when she told me the closest she could get to me was 5 blocks away because the streets were flooding i just knew she was exaggerating.

until i turned the corner and this is what i saw...

i know the picture is small, it's from my phone, but can you see the person in turquoise up on the ledge right by the stop light? take a moment to picture yours truly shimmying across the exact ledge on the opposite side. i prayed the entire time that i wouldn't drop my cell phone in the water or better yet, myself! it is one thing to not like being wet with your clothes on - it's a whole different story when it's dirty murky water! ick!