Monday, July 02, 2007

giving up the gold

after 10 years of weekly, sometimes daily, tanning bed tanning, i gave it up on Friday. I'm not the kind of fool that will say I'll never do it again, because nothing warms my heart like tan skin in the dead of winter. however, after noticing some sun spots on my cheek a couple of weeks ago i decided that i could definitely use a break.

and because you can take the girl out of the tanning bed, but you can't take the tan out of the girl - my first stop was to bath and body works to get some exfoliant and self tanner. I've been using the face tanner for a while - yes, I AM the girl that would try out self tanner on my face rather than my legs or somewhere undisclosed - no judgment, and I've been pleased by the results and the compliments I've received. now i can also genuinely recommend the need a margarita scrub as well - simply divine. wish i could do it every day, but would defeat the purpose of self tanner if i scrubbed it off every night.

i also got the perfecting body tint, because it promised to make me look bronzed and thinner. if that's true, I'll consider it money well spent.

as i post pictures in the future, consider it your duty to let me know if I'm getting that orangey glow that was all the rage a few years ago. that, my friend, would be golden!