Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy 4th!

if you counted back 9 months from my birthday one would figure that the 4th of july was the day of my conception. maybe that's why this holiday holds a special place in my heart, but i suspect that it's my love for this great country and the heroes that protect it.

at my pop's funeral they added up the years that the men in our family had spent in the military, and while i can't remember, i know that it was in the ball park of 150-200. most little girls look up to their fathers, but i'm proud to say i got to look up to not only my father, but a family full of larger than life, self sacrificing, loyal patriots.

before i run out of the house today to enjoy the festivities that celebrate this great country, i hope that you will take a minute with me to think about all the men and women all over the world serving their country that they may not always believe in, and people that might not always support them, but ultimately sacrifice themselves out of deeply instilled love.

because i'm so proud to be an american and in a family with rich military tradition i'd like you to meet the highest ranking soldier in my family and the newest soldier in my family.