Thursday, July 05, 2007

breaking my rule

i've said for a long time that i would never take a guy home to meet my family until after the wedding. that way the deal would be legally sealed and no matter how crazy he might think they are, we'd be legally bound by vows.

this weekend, the jig is up. i clearly haven't gotten married in the past week or so, and me and my other half are heading to texas. i am confident that my other half will not be heading for the hills this weekend. he might feel like he's gotten a free weekend at the circus with all the crazies, but he's in this. it doesn't hurt that my senile gram has already promised that she'll be nice to him. he might be the only one=)

i did however get away with a little pre-breaking in last week when my aunt asked if she could go by his current location and pay him a visit. i gave her the go ahead and instead of asking i just mentioned, you know - smart girl tricks - that she and my uncle would be stopping by. this worked like a charm and weeded out the excuse of being uncomfortable without me being there.

based on the phone calls that me and mom received, i'm not sure it could have gone better. my aunt called me practically in tears about how wonderful he is and my uncle called my mom and said, "he is awesome - we couldn't have picked a better person for her if it had of been left up to us."

i knew that they would like him, but my heart swells when i think of how they will love him. so, now i'm going into the weekend without a worry in my head. yes, it will seem like a circus to him, especially since my mom invited 20+ people to the cookout, but much like the circus - the family sticks together, and only 3 of the invites are not in our family.

speaking of circus - there might as well be three rings in my own apartment with my to do list before i take off tomorrow, but i wanted to warn you to be thinking about my other half as he embarks on unchartered territory - no man has gone before him in this role! i'll let you know if he's still here on monday=)