Thursday, June 14, 2007

boy meets store

see, i knew i should have spread out all those posts from last week. as silly as some of them were, i still would have felt better knowing i had at least more than ONE new post to keep you interested!

i had a notably good weekend with pictures to follow, but i'm reminded of one story that i figured worthy of sharing.

Me and my other half set out to stroll the city saturday morning, and I mused as we walked out of the building. "You know, there is not one thing I don't enjoy doing with you. (get your mind out of the gutter!) i enjoy watching tv, sharing a meal, going for a walk, or doing nothing at all."

awwww, how sweet, you say - i'm not done. i didn't realize that as soon as the words left my mouth, i'd be eating them an hour later.

first - i brought him with me to get my eyebrows waxed. even though the shop is dripping in pink and wreaks of everything this is girl - i took him, and he survived beautifully. i tried to get him to pay extra close attention so in the future i could save $20 and he could wax them for me. just thinking about that reminds me of the total dreamboat of a man that worked at the salon in austin - seriously, would it get any better if your boyfriend could cut and color your hair as needed? not to mention the product discount=)

so we head into a shoe store. the shoes were over priced, but it was a visual candy store. i wanted to take it all in and look at all 6,000 pairs. so he whispers to me, "so i did a count - there are 3 men in this entire store and one of them is 6 years old." funny... back to the sandals. a few minutes later, "is it weird that i'm in this store and i'm a guy??" no... let's just go. "no, no - we don't have to leave if you're not ready!!" we exit.

next store. it's one of those fantastic stores that is a shoppers dream. they have everything from housewares to clothes to journals to everything. you get it. so we're not in there 2 seconds before my other half is slouching and looks like i'm forcing him to watch paint dry, so i swiftly turn and we instantly make our exit.

on the street...
"we didn't have to leave!!!"
"yes, we did! you were clearly bored!!!"
"no i wasn't, i didn't say a word - i just didn't get that store."

he didn't get it. what's to get? all you have to do is look at every last thing in the store. i mean is that too much to ask???=) well, and stand beside me when i don't want to buy a thing, but i want to look at everything, and someone to show me what i've missed and discuss just how cute or how awful that is.

a slurpee was all i needed to wash the foot out of my mouth, and at least i now have leverage for never having watch boy movies or troll best buy. not to mention how i truly appreciate and enjoy everything else.