Thursday, June 07, 2007

confessions of an antiquated speller

not two minutes after having a conversation about stupid it is and a waste of time in an effort to save time by spelling things wrong... ie- wat u up 2 gurl? trying to give those people the benefit of the doubt i suggested perhaps they are dyslexic and we shouldn't be so harsh. this is the conversation that ensued.

Baby I have G.A.S. my stomach hurts!

It’s a good thing everyone sitting around you can’t spell.

No one could hear me.

All the dyslexic coworkers are now thinking you have S.A.G – what the hell is SAG? Her boobs don’t look that low

Oh gawd don't even say that, my boobs hurt so bad.

and in the immortal words of salt n' pepa - ew, ew, ew he's coming this way!!