Monday, June 04, 2007

cadillac escalade

i just got a call on my cell from a chicago number. i rarely get chicago numbers that i don't know, because people hardly ever mis-dial an austin number. i had to check the message, because what if it was my doctor telling me i had an abnormal whatever and was dying? seriously, scariest feeling next to getting trailed by a cop.

upon listening to the message i was informed that i won a cadillac escalade!! it must be my lucky day, because apparently i entered a sweepstakes and won the grand prize? a year ago i would have been ecstatic to get an upgrade on my squealing, no air conditioner in the dreadful texas heat, montero sport, but this time i promptly deleted the message. ain't no way sister is about to trade in riding the bus every day for buying gas in the most expensive place for gas...especially for a Cadillac Escalade!