Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a 2 hour tour

In order to see the sights of this great city, many will resort to boarding one of this massive boats with 400 of their closest friends armed with cameras and extra deodorant to make up for the tourist who forgot. they'll be wowed by the historical knowledge of the guide and worry that the lunch wait at harry carrey's will cut into their shopping time on michigan avenue.

then again, some board a private yacht and get their own chartered tour of the city. i'm not naming any names, but someone thought their saturday would be pretty typical. wake up around 7:30, turn on sandra lee and watch through the new latina cooking show, do some dishes that had been hanging out, perhaps grab a starbucks and then stow away to the roof - weather permitting - for some good old fashioned sunning and reading.

ok, i'll name names... it was me, and it was a fantastic way to spend a saturday morning. i'll even admit that i've wanted to take one of those architectural tours around the river, but this was great. we had a chicago native as our captain, and he filled us in on the quirky facts of our tour.

The Merchandise Mart

Home Street Home

i tried to get as many pictures as i could, because i knew this might be the first and last time i had the opportunity to take in these sights from this angle. plus, after almost a year - i've never been this close to the sears tower. the weather was perfect, even though it looks foggy and ick - it was neither cold or hot... it was perfect and over cast.

and who knew there were even taxis in the water? not me!

it was certainly a chicago memory i will never forget, and at this moment we are dreaming up plans to make it work! i mean who doesn't need a 1.2 million dollar yacht at their disposal for their saturday pleasure?