Friday, July 27, 2007

no method to my madness

last week angela asked me to share my recipe for my chardonnay garlic chicken that i lost in the cab the other day. unfortunately, i rarely write recipes down, because i make them up as i go and further more - i don't even own measuring cups or spoons, so i know NO exact measurements. annoying, right?

so, last night when i cooked i was extra attentive in the event that my creation turned out good, so i could share with you, and holy cow - it was good!

for any good texas girl displaced in the midwest, good mexican food restaurants are hard to find. good mexican food restaurants = mexican food restaurants i like, bad mexican food restaurants = mexican food restaurants i don't like. what's a girl to do?? do it herself! i think i finally found the "secret" ingredient to delicious mexican delight! Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce! oh, girl!

So here's my take on taco salad...

First - i marinated my chicken in garlic pepper, southwest chipotle seasoning (which is a great alternative to salt) and fresh lime juice.

Next - i grilled the chicken with sliced chipotle peppers, and about halfway through i added in julienned red onions.

Once finished and put to the side - i started on my refried black beans. i seasoned them with olive oil, (about a tablespoon, but again, i don't measure - use your best judgement and don't over do it!) cumin, garlic pepper, and the secret ingredient - nutmeg! it adds a like funk, but in the good way - think bring on the noise, bring on the funk NOT eww that's funky! heat those in a skillet until it starts to pop and put away.

Back to the grill - i saw bobby flay grill some pears the other day and i thought it would be worth a try. so - grilled the peaches in their juice and then added them to the chicken. all while quartering cherry tomatoes and seasoning with salt and pepper

Now - i baked up my tortillas in a bowl shape in the over at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and started my salad

-Refried Black Beans
-Then Salad: i used baby spinach
-Then Chicken, Peppers, Onion, Pears
-Then tomatoes
-Then monterrey jack cheese

and i thought it might need a kick, so i made lime vinaigrette. this is where you'll hate me...
the juice of one lime
some EVOO
salt and pepper
and some pear juice

and since you'd probably be too frustrated to try and figure out the method to my madness, why don't you come over and share the meal with me??