Wednesday, July 25, 2007

customer complaint

last night i went out to dinner for a friend's birthday and had a less than happy experience. fortunately, the company was good and we had enough stories and wine to keep each other entertained while we waited and waited, and served our own drinks, and bussed our own tables, and would have rolled our own rolls had they of let us behind the sushi bar.

having worked for a restaurant who's number one goal is to go beyond the extra mile to the second mile to serve the customer - it takes a LOT for me to complain. on the flip side, it has caused me to expect a high standard of service anywhere i go. i mean seriously - if the word SERVE is anywhere in your title, ie - customer service rep, server - what's the hold up? do your job!

beyond that, there was one of those hideous, maniac kids, around three years old that would have been better suited for the lincoln park zoo in the monkey exhibit. you know they kind - the kind that everyone says they will never have. in one of his many, many loops around the restaurant with his arms waving in the air and shrill screams he tripped over my chair and fell face first in my lap.

to which i picked the child up from across my legs and looked at the parents and said, "I am NOT getting paid to baby sit." then they grabbed their child and scolded him properly and then left the restaurant to assumably put him to bed where he should have been at 9pm anyway. Oh wait, none of that happened, and you know what does happen to kids that are allowed to act that way? They become cell mates with Paris and Lindsay, because they were never taught the valuable lesson of taking responsibility for their actions until it was too late.