Monday, July 23, 2007

monday blues and compromising

my vacation is over, and while i stayed in the city and did things that the city folks do, it was still not easy to get back in to the groove this morning. the monday blues set in, and the coffee just wasn't strong enough, but alas - i'm here.

my other half was in town all week, and although the apartment seemed very full and at times cluttered, it was full of all the best stuff. i've enjoyed living alone, but it certainly doesn't take any time for me to get used to having company and dreading his departure.

it was a week of learning what it really means to compromise for love...not changing, but finding a neutral ground for give and take.

for example... it's very fun to me to go swank hotel bar openings where i can be wined and dined. Check that - key lime pie martinis and no dining because of the greedy travel agents, but all the same a wonderful time amid the swank decor and my fabulous ladies.

It's not as fun to him, but look who put on a happy face...

To him it's way more fun to hear his favorite indie band play with the grant park orchestra. it all kind of sounded the same to me, but there's a chance my hearing was muffled by the rain. yes, i sat outside in the rain for this.

not ideal for me, but i certainly wouldn't do it for anyone else. that thing dave matthews says about it not mattering where you are, but who you're with... he was right. at the time it was miserable, but it is a funny memory that we'll never forget.

as for a middle ground...the beach proved the perfect place for me to soak in the sun and him to soak up a good book.

now will you tell me why there is no compromise for mondays??