Tuesday, July 17, 2007

no, YOU eat more chicken!

it's not even 8am and it has already been one of those mornings!

first off, i waited for the bus for 20 minutes. i leave my house about 7 minutes before the bus should arrive, so i'll have plenty of buffer room to wait. even though i forgot my coffee creamer, i decided against a quick run to 7-11 for the morning coffee, because i didn't want to chance the buffer room and miss the bus. finally, 5 minutes before my next bus would arrive at it's stop 2 miles away i had to make a command decision and hop in a cab.

we make it just in time for me to grab the next bus, and in a rush i rummage through my purse and pay (probably over pay) the cab driver and run onto the next bus! as i sit my bags down i look down at my packed lunch. where's the chicken?

last night i made a fabulous dinner - chardonnay and garlic grilled chicken with sauteed red onions and parmesean, fresh lemon and pepper grilled tomatoes, long grain wild rice and sour dough bread with garlic butter and parmesean shavings. who could resist repacking that to enjoy for lunch??

there i sat though - no chicken. one could only hope that my samaritan acts of late will pay off and some starving homeless man, or cab driver will find my chicken and love it like i love it.

if that wasn't enough, as i was heating up my coffee it over flowed into the microwave and caused quite a mess.

so, i took matters into my own hands, and my grande no fat toffee nut latte is on it's way! God Bless Starbucks!