Monday, July 16, 2007

what goes around comes around

since i started planning this post in my head, i've had that justin timberlake song in my head. hopefully i can put it on pause to get a few clear thoughts out.

so, i'm a firm believer of that saying, what goes around comes around. harsh words, shitty behavior, kind acts - all of it will come back to you. it's easy to hope that it won't come back to you when your behavior is less than honorable, but come on - if you can be crappy, why can't someone be crappy to you?

all this said to say... on sunday i did something that i hope will come back to me if need be. me and my other half got in a cab at clark and lake, and there was a cell phone in the seat. so, i picked it up and put it in my purse, because i figured that if the driver found it he'd turn it in to the cab company and it would be lost in to oblivion! how could anyone ever remember what cab company they were riding with?

so i get a call on the phone around 12, and we arranged for him to come get it. with my trusty friend, google, i realize that the owner of this phone is a huge club promoter in LA who's face is splashed all over the internet with celebrities from every avenue. sadly - the coolest part to me is that he's a regular to Les Deux... ring, ring Mike Boogie!!! woot! (anyone scared by all the info and pictures you can pull up about any given person at any given time on the internet???)

instead of giving us VIP access to one of his clubs if ever in LA, he gave us "lunch" money as a reward, and since we had already eaten i rewarded myself with the rachael ray grill pan i've been eyeing!!

i'll be honest, had it have been an iPhone or something of that caliber, it would have been hard to give back, but as JT would remind us and lest i soon forget... what goes around comes around!