Monday, August 06, 2007

it's a blog world, afterall

on saturday we made our way to the running store in lex as my other half's running shoes were more fashionable than functionable. one of the cute sales girls mentioned to another sales girl as a customer was leaving, "she and i became friends because we found out we went to the same college in texas."

i thought about mentioning to her that i ALSO went to college in texas, but shied away. instead, i let my old baylor chi-o shirt, circa 2002, do the talking. funny how some will give you grief for wearing the old things, but look at it bringing people together.

naturally, we struck up the who do you know conversation which led to the who's blog do you read conversation, because everyone has a blog these days! we had a mutual read and as we began discussing the content we'd seen the conversation took a turn onto she and her husband and to a race he had recently run. her husband is a "famous" lexington runner, and recently donned an ale 8 cape for the Bluegrass 10,000.

As she talked, i thought to myself... i'm conjuring this image way too easily - i'm CERTAIN i've seen it before. so in very creepy fashion i say, "Wait, you're husband has VERY red hair doesn't he???" she looked at me shocked and confusingly said, "yes..." "Yeah, I've read YOUR blog before!" thank God for links and random clickage!

funny enough, girls can get away with that supreme kind of stalking and become great friends over it. which is probably why she kept apologizing to my other half in case he was creeped out, because we were not... we were well on our way to becoming BFF!

so, i'd like for you to meet my new lex friend - Laura and enjoy her words and pictures at