Tuesday, August 07, 2007

from this day forward

a couple of weeks ago i found out that there was a friendly wager among readers of this blog as to when me and my other half, Justin would get engaged. well friends, whoever had their money (or mac make up gift certificate!) on LAST NIGHT will absolutely be declared the winner of that bet!

yes, you read that right - WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i still feel like i'm living in a dream, and i'll wake up soon, but i'm trying really hard to "think still" for a few minutes so i can get the story out!

so, basically he and another friend had me going all day. i was under the assumption that i was going to dinner with my good friend to discuss the details of her weekend o' crazy wedding. justin, whom i thought was in lex, called around 6:30 to check in from his car parked outside my building. he asked me if i took a shower and i told him i didn't feel like fooling with my hair, so no. i should have noticed that "weirdness" that every woman on the brink of engagement seems to notice when he urged me, more than once, to shower.

instead i straightened my dirty hair, and went about fixing up the rest despite the humidity and the rain. my friend told me she was dressing to kill, so i opted for a vintage dress i picked up years ago. around 7:15 there was a knock at my door, and when i opened it up and saw him standing there i think my mind exploded and has been in a tailspin ever since.

sweet words were spoken, a beautiful ring was presented, and somewhere among my tearful hyperventilation, i said yes! all so perfect to me. afterwards, we had dinner at the Ralph Lauren restaurant on michigan avenue, and in the name of good food i managed to eat most of my meal=) as excited as my tummy was, i couldn't let food like that go to waste.

this of course is the very, very scaled down version of the evening, and my thoughts on the evening, but i could hardly go to bed without getting the word out... especially since there's mac make up on the line=)

and i would have shared pictures, but after tonight i realize why people recreate their engagement photos, because NO ONE would want to see what my hot mess of a face looked like after all those tears and this weather.