Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the moment we've all been waiting for!

yesterday was wild! i think i slept 5 minutes total the night before, because the excitement was too much to put me under! such a crazy day of phone calls and emails, and of course a lot of it was spent staring at my ring to ensure that this wasn't just a dream. i was overwhelmed in a fantastic way by all of your very kind and thoughtful comments, and every time i checked my inbox i had 15 new messages to read. truly, i am so blessed.

and since everyone seems to be dying to see the new bling i just had to share...

it kind of looks like i'm about to blow toot noises on his face like you would on a babies belly... is that really how i kiss? yikes!

even though i said i wouldn't share these, here is our first picture of being engaged tears and all.

thank you for everything, but especially your time and words.
i love you all!