Monday, August 13, 2007

God will get you every time!

i realized the other day, before me and my other half got engaged, that i had never told the story on here of how we met. it was like i made a new years resolution to get a boyfriend, and poof he was here!

back in december i was asked by my old company to come out to california for an extended stay to do my old job. since it was about start snowing here, i gladly accepted and headed for the beach!

at the time there was actually another guy in the picture, and when i met justin i immediately checked for a ring, because it was a rarity to find cute single guys in our line or work. i thought he was cute... sweet and quiet, but cute. it wasn't love at first sight, because i thought i knew what was best. clearly, the Lord had very different plans for me.

we spent time away from work together here and there, he came over and borrowed my laptop, we went to dinner with the group, and on the last night we went to dinner alone. it was an interesting dinner. i think he said one word to my 5,000. i can remember leaving thinking - surely, i talked him to death and those words will be my last.

as soon as i got home, we began emailing. pages and pages a day on top of texting and the occasional call. it was the perfect opportunity for us to really get to know each other and delve into each others lives. i'd compare it to online dating, except we got paid to meet each other. i still have all of these emails, and will treasure them for a lifetime. each email ended with a question to which we respond and ask a new one. because of these questions, we know the weirdest things about each other=)

i remember the day when i was talking about them with my good friend and she said, "Lesli, he really likes you, and if you don't really like him you need to end this now." that's when i realized, not only did i really like him - i was falling in love with him. i think it was the moment that i realized - I don't deserve this man, but i'm smart enough not to let him go! we now enjoy teasing each other about him liking me first, but me falling in love with him first.

then he came to visit me for the first time in march, and stayed a week! what a week it was. it was very fun and at times very stressful, because of all of the groundwork we laid out - we knew this was way more than a silly fling. and really, from then on out we never looked back.

i say God will get you everytime, because you really never know, about any situation, until you're there. i have always been one of those girls who said, "i would NEVER date someone for 6 months and then get engaged." i didn't know until i was there, and am so relieved that there is someone higher than me that knows better than me, in charge of my life. lest i'd probably still be chasing after the bad guys wondering where i went wrong.