Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money!

y'all sick of the yucky love stuff yet?? how about a change of pace=)

the other morning i was listening to the morning radio show, and they were talking about brad and angelina being in the city and angelina being escorted by 5 body guards. the lincoln park attacker is on the loose, so you might as well be safe rather than sorry walking around LP or going into the hancock building.

it got me to thinking... i NEVER see celebrities here! they seemed to pop up everywhere in austin, but for the past year, the only celeb i've seen was beau from big brother 6 at kinko's. which if you understand how much i love big brother, you understand how much of a celebrity that is to me!
until monday afternoon, and it's all beauty and the geek all the time! i was walking to the bus on monday and i saw this guy and i thought he looks really familiar... hmmm. i couldn't place him until i got directly in front of him - oh it's Joe "Has Never Been on a Date" from beauty and the geek! so, i gave him a knowing smile. i hope it made him feel recognized and famous, because it gave me my fix for a good old celebrity spotting.

then on saturday i was waiting for the bus again, and who walks up... Ladies and Gentleman, Shawn "Assistant Boy Scout Master."

i was taking that bus downtown to the same borders that angelina would be toting one of her many kids to. no chance of me actually running into her or brad unless they decide to get into reality tv, so let's face it - i'll continue to run into Beauty and the Geek contestants for as long as i'm living and their matching beauties and geeks!