Monday, August 27, 2007

back to life, back to reality

greetings my friends! i'm back from a whirlwind weekend with my mom in town, which by now seems like an eternity ago! also, got to spend the week with my other half in sunny (and ridiculously hot) arizona where we laughed, worked, played and of course - planned!!

if there was a word to describe the past 12 days, that would be PRO-DUC-TIVE, but i won't bore you with ALL the productivity, at least not right now!

On Friday, i went down to the bridal shop, and little miss indecisive found her wedding dress in one hour! read that again, will ya? ONE HOUR!!! it's not what i always thought i would wear, but nonetheless, it is beautiful and perfect to me and for me and i loved it the instant i slipped it on! i will NOT be posting pictures, because the only pictures i have are of me in it, and my other half would like to wait to see that until i walk down the aisle, so that means everyone waits!

i tried on a couple veils here and there, and am i the only one that thinks veils are kind of a rip off? if you get them in a bridal shop, they will run you (from what i saw) $250, but look like the same tulle that you could find at the fabric store for $1.00 a yard? so, i began to weigh my options and decided to do something completely different.

this bride was my inspiration:plus, i love that she paired big chandelier earrings with the flowers. remember, everything is bigger in texas=)

after looking online, i found this one. it would work, and certainly serve the purpose.

but God gave me creative instincts, and i intend to use them. for $40 less, this was the result...

i bought a few strands of tiny pearls to add if need be, and added those jeweled pieces to the middle for added sparkle. what do you think?