Tuesday, September 11, 2007


i didn't realize how much of a creature of habit/homebody i am until, well, maybe this very moment! i like my routine, and as mundane as it might be, i like it. i wake up at 5 every morning. i then either snooze or work out - depends on how guilty i can make myself feel. then i come back and fix a bowl of low sugar oat meal - either peaches and cream, strawberries and cream, or maple and brown sugar. then i shower at 6:30 and am out the door before 7. at 7:25 i walk in and sit down at my desk and start my work day.

today was upheaval of my routine, and i am feeling the aftermath. woke up this morning 4:19am (EST) {which is really 3:19 - MY time} in a really scary place, and then took an ice cold shower at 5am. walked out of the door at 5:30am for the airport. security was 5,000 people deep (no exaggeration). once through the...

i began this post yesterday, to vent about the day i had yesterday, and when i woke up completely rested this morning, thinking of how i need to finish this post, i was humbled by an overwhelming thought of how our lives changed 6 years ago today. i was going to go on and complain about my confrontation with the security lady, but today i remember just exactly why she's there and why things are different.

it's easy to remove yourself, or forget about the hours we all devoted to watching coverage trying to learn more, trying to understand and trying to figure out what do to next. a couple of years ago i shared my recount of 9.11.01, and i turned on my television this morning specifically to watch any memorial coverage, but sadly, it was minimal.

in my opinion, we shouldn't forget. not in 6 years, not in 60 years. and if nothing else, let's take the memory of today to remember that there are many men and women who are making huge sacrifices, whether we like it or not to ensure that we will remain safe. and - i should probably slap myself on the wrist and be thankful that there is someone concerned enough about my fellow citizens to take notice of my face tanner and nail polish in the security line.

God Bless Us All...