Thursday, September 13, 2007

i fly swa

I've been thinking a lot about complaining the past few days. probably because my entire last blog was me complaining about having my schedule interrupted and being a mess all day because of it.

having spent a few years working in an industry that builds it's business on customer service i know that it is a lot easier for people to complain than to praise. to me, one of the easiest things to complain about is air travel. there's always something - a weather delay, a cancellation, a re route, no room for overhead luggage, should i keep going? and for me, I've always been a little harder on airlines and hold them to a higher standard. once i quit traveling for work so much, i finally had the chance to chose my airline preference, and the choice to me was clear - i will do whatever i have to do to fly Southwest Airlines. usually, when i like something, i love it, and i took it personal when the passenger complained about being kicked off the plane for her outfit.

here is the outfit.

what can i say? all i can think is that why do we get so offended when celebrities show their who-has, but upset when "normal" people are held to a higher standard?

I'm not saying her feelings shouldn't be hurt, but i am saying this, and i hope someone out there from southwest airlines is reading this - keep up the good work!

i have NEVER had a bad experience with southwest, and i fly them often. twice in the past week, don't ya know! i don't even mind saying never, because i don't think i could jinx myself. it is clear that in training their employees they make serving their customers their number one priority, and across the board their employees treat their paying customers with honor, dignity and respect. in my experience, they've gone above and beyond to be accommodating and relieve the stress from unexpected weather delays, a cancellation, a re-route, no room for over head luggage - again, should i keep going? no matter what woes i find in the security line, i never fail to smile once i board.

add this to the confession list - it's #5 if you're counting... i LUV (cheesy southwest reference) spirit magazine, and usually take it home to share the articles with my people. Maybe it's the trade off for never getting those coveted drink coupons!

i make it no secret that if i could work for any company in the world, they'd be my top choice! keep up the good work SWA, and for our little friend with the who-ha skirt - grow up! if discrimination over a mini skirt is the bulk of your problems and worries, I'd say you've got it made.