Tuesday, September 18, 2007

good friends make the most beautiful brides!

my sister-friend said she didn't want her wedding pictures on the internet, but neither do most celebrities, and these are too fabulous not to share!

me and my other half made an 8 hour trek to the dirty south to partake in the wedding event to cap off the summer, and it was worth every minute in that car!

their wedding was truly a comedy of errors, and if you think little things went wrong at your wedding think about my friend when she found out that her veil didn't match, or her karaoke dj cancelled the day of, or that a flag caught on fire moments before the bride walked down the aisle, or that the ushers never showed, or that people did show up to the sit down dinner that didn't rsvp or i could keep going, but i'll spare you the cringe, because the main goal was accomplished. what's that they say? the worse the wedding, the better the marriage?

when she called me in a tail spin wednesday before, i told her this, "Calm down. You have but ONE main goal this weekend. That is to become husband and wife. If your flowers are wrong, if people cancel, if you don't get one gift, as long as you've become husband and wife, your wedding will be a success." please someone remind me this in a few months=)

now, i've been to a lot of weddings and i can confidently say these things:

1. This reception food was the best reception food i've ever put in my mouth. (i think britney was on to something when she had fried chicken at her wedding...)

2. I didn't want just a few bites of their red velvet with cream cheese icing wedding cake, i wanted an entire tier.

3. I have NEVER seen an entire reception get to the dance floor faster with less than 2 drinks in them!
4. We are NEXT!