Monday, March 17, 2008

the difference of 365 days

this was me one year ago today. i'd say 3 mimosas deep... maybe 4. i was making them with a very heavy hand, so there was really no way to count. we left my house around 11:30 am, and by 2 pm i was walking home barefoot and glazed over. ravenous, i dined on popcorn and thin mints and routinely threw them up as soon as lay my head down.

that was one year ago today. that was the last time i was drunk...real drunk. gawd that's a long time for a former 20s something party girl! sure, i had my wine on my stoop and a couple of beers at the bar, but not even on my birthday was i drunk. i don't think i realized how much love had changed my life until the other day when i remembered back to st. patrick's day last year.

this time last year justin and i were newly exclusive by 2 whole weeks. after the st. patricks day festivities it suddenly became way more fun to stay in and talk to my other half than it was to close down bars only to wreak havoc on my head the following day. i made up excuses to leave a night out just to sit at home and talk to him. if you've never been there i'm sure you think i'm lame with a capital L. and if you have been there i think you'll get it, but maybe not... love reacts different on everyone. that was my life before, and it was fun - real fun. this is my life now and you should believe me when I's even better. plus i don't feel like i've been hit by a city bus and dragged 10 blocks in the morning.

that's the difference of 365 days and what the life changing experience of true honest to goodness love did to me.