Thursday, March 13, 2008

dream come true? maybe in april...

i slept through the night last night, and barely knew justin was already ready for work this morning, but did wake up enough to catch a glimpse of how handsome he looked before i drifted back into dream land.

we spend most of our time living in hotels for now, and for the most part it's not too bad, because we get taken care of... nice big bed... yummy breakfast... cleaning service. so before my alarm went off this morning i dreamt that i was interviewing at this hotel for a good job. not sure what job, but i know that it was a good job. however, since i'm a hotel tenant i didn't bother to wear a suit as i figured i'd be fine in one of my husband's ratty t shirts and some pajama pants.

so during the interview i made no apology for my clothes and explained to the interviewer that i was staying at the hotel with my husband. and she said, "Oh the one down here eating breakfast this morning that was dressed gay?" in my dream i came unglued! and told her she was being absolutely unprofessional and i would not be completing the interview. all while thinking my husband looks good and matches because I pick those clothes out. it's NOTHING he does on his own! lord knows he'd still be wearing those gawd forsaken chinos that are bigger in the thighs and taper to cuffs around the ankle. don't get me started.

however... when i stormed away from the interview i looked down and checked my phone...

I HAD AN IPHONE! lucky know i'll never own and an honest to gawd ipod, but it being so close to my birthday and all i figured i might as well put this out there as something i wouldn't be sad to open.