Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"she really has class because she'll go anywhere" - andy warhol

i'm finally home safe and back in the company of my wonderful husband. i am a lucky woman who fully realizes my undeserving blessings in life. i get to go to texas and see family and dear friends that I love and then get to come home to my other half. happy sigh.

while on the plane last night i started my movie review, and realized that they were asking us to put away our electronics and i had written the entire time and not come close to what i was trying to say. let's just say - i loved it. love love loved it. there wasn't even one part i hated. it was movie bliss.

since i still need to hone it down to a manageable reading scope i am dying to share of my much saught after new find! here she is ~ such a beauty!

i found a couple of these andy warhol bags when i was in cleveland and talked myself out of spending the $20 that they cost. i'll just think about it, i justified. well think about it i did. for the two months since then i've looked in every store possible, searched online, searched message boards online seeing if other people had found them anywhere and then i walked into the Ross Dress for Less in Texarkana, TX! They had 5 different ones! this is where all the andy warhol bags in the world have been hiding out!

i love these bags, because they aren't the typical and very trendy go green bags you're seeing everywhere now. as you can see from the picture of me with my bag they are largely oversized and terribly gaudy. love that. the inside also has pockets for my phone and lip gloss and wallet and is big enough for everything else. yesterday i carried - a water bottle, the pictures for my wedding album, a magazine, camera, glasses, all of our mail when we got home... it's my catch all and i love it!

i keep wondering i should have my mom go back and buy more to perhaps surprise me with for christmas which means i probably should, because how much can one bag torment a person's thoughts for a whole year?