Thursday, June 05, 2008

practice what you preach, sister!

last wednesday night allie (you should check her blog for our week of culinary creations) and i along with two of our other friends who haven't really experienced the world of blogs ventured out to addison, texas to support SK at her book signing. this was one of our big nights out on the town and i had quite the time trying to pic a sufficient outfit from my 125lbs of luggage, shoes and accessories.

eventually, i settled on a dress that was comfy and cute and kept me cool~ish. i say cool~ish because the heat was turned up in texas and it was glorious! well until i was at a street fair and i was crampy and icky and gross and then it was the opposite of glorious. i digress...

so, wednesday afternoon i gave myself 2 whole hours to pick said outfit with coordinating jewelry and fabulous shoes, wash and fix my hair, make road snack for me and allie to tide us over until dinner. it doesn't matter how long i give myself to get ready i'm ALWAYS down to the wire, so i was rushing around when allie's mom arrived to deliver me to allie's office. we get everything in the car and get one block from allison's office and i look down, "CRAP! I had the cutest shoes to go with this outfit, and I wore my fitflops!" "Well, you said you forget you have them on..."

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg... those shoes are so cute. think - kelly green satin high as the sky wedges plus they go perfect with this one dress in my closet and they make me look taller. and... well - i like them.

so we're deep into dinner conversation about our lives, our loves, crazy people and the blogs when jamie (hi, jamie!) looks over and makes my day, "Are you wearing your fitflops, because when i walked in i saw you wearing them and thought it must be you!"

thanks jamie - you made me feel so special because you noticed. how fun that i was caught practicing what i preach, but those shoes are still dang cute and coming to a foot near me very soon!