Monday, June 23, 2008

so you think you can WHAT?

let me take this opportunity to brag, which you know i never do... i was lucky enough to marry the man that will happily watch most shows that i want to watch (except for real housewives of orange county and the new lohan and denise richards show) and not only watch them, but get into them as well. this is important to me, because it means we aren't retiring to separate rooms to watch tv nor are we pouting while we watch.

one of our summer faves ~ So You Think You Can Dance ~ is in full swing and beyond picking favorite contestants even though we have them... Justin: Twitch, Lesli: Kourtni & Will; justin took it a step further the other night and asked, "If you could specialize in one of the dancing styles which would you be?" I realize that he was only asking so he could say what he'd be, but i played along.

Lesli: "I think i'd do hip hop, because Wade is my favorite choreographer, and I'd love to do his dances best. what about you?"

Justin: "I'd DEFINITELY be a breaker!"

i ask you to stop for a minute and think about my skinny white husband as a b-boy.

now that you've regained your composure i'd like to know if you're...

a. watching?

b. favorite?

c. YOUR dance style?