Tuesday, July 15, 2008

from clark street to lexington

when i lived in chicago christina and i had this summer time tradition. well, is it a tradition if it's not set in stone, but somehow managed to happen about once a week if not more? she'd call me when she woke up on saturday, because i'd been up for hours watching cooking shows and cleaning my studio. she'd meet me at my house and we'd plan our day of shopping or sunning or wine~ing. every weekend it would begin with brunch at tarascas. it was my sort of stand in for the juan in a million (austin) void i needed to fill, and while not a perfect replacement- it helped.

tarascas was a block from my house and was famous for their margaritas. their $3 mimosas are what brought us back every week. we'd sit outside and watch the fit people exercise while we polished of plates of huevos rancheros with chips and salsa and $3 mimosas.

we'd sit there for hours, much to our fiance's chagrins, but there was life to discuss and new situations to figure out. i was newly in love and she'd been at it for 3 years. i was about to be engaged and she was about to have her wedding. it was such a favorite among the two of us, that if we skipped church on sunday, we usually met back up at that same place.

since i moved from chicago we've made our best effort to keep up our girls time and since our husbands saw how happy maintaining our own traditions made us, they go to great lengths to ensure we get a proper amount of girl time in.

this past weekend christina came down to good old lex for a few days of laughing, crying, eating and of course wine~ing. we stayed up late re-watching so you think you can dance and dishing our critiques, she taught me the chicago step and there was a noise violation that came as a result of our 4pm dance party. we watched juno and 7 episodes of sex and the city, and as a treat from the tv god's Steel Magnolias was on sunday afternoon

our weekend seemed to be sprinkled with specific ingredients to create girls weekend perfection for us. of course i was only able to snap one picture of the entire weekend, but then again y'all probably aren't interested in seeing us sprawled out on the couch watching our shows in our ratty pajamas.