Thursday, July 17, 2008

one girl's trash...

i'd like to come out and say right here and now that the lexington goodwill is a junk~tiquers paradise. it's also a paradise for people who love regular old junk too, but that's not why i go. as i said last week, i had to take a few loads for the move, and couldn't help but look through their furniture area to see if i could spy something i couldn't live without.

behind an old mattresses and set of snow skis i spotted this lovely turquoise frame and had my other half drag it out. it was love at first sight, but there was no price tag.

"Let's take it to the counter, and if it's $5 i'll get it, but anything more and i won't." the man charged me $5 exactly. whew!

since it weighs about 475 lbs i propped it up against the wall. i love that about old furniture... no skimping on quality. i'm sure i could find a nail strong enough for it, but for the time being i think it suits my eclectic pink table just fine. what is all this junk you ask? well let's see... from left to right - picture of me and allison in downtown austin in front of Zen on S. Congress, yellow pie plate from justin's grandmother's antique shop with floral coasters, the first flowers my other half ever gave me, and assorted books about audrey hepburn and sex and the city.

oh, and the cute "garden" sign? well that's my new married last name. isn't it just darling?