Friday, July 25, 2008

life's simple pleasures

many organized people will tell you that their joy in making lists stems from their joy in crossing things off. last friday night, our house had gotten to that point. not a dirty overwhelming mess, but it had not been truly straightened since the move, so i made a long list of things that i'd like to get done on saturday. i showed the list to justin and he laughed.

when i started crossing things off my list it got me to thinking about little things that i find joy in doing. crossing things off my list isn't one of them, because i tend to over list. for example - see above - i wrote unload dishwasher & clean kitchen. wouldn't cleaning the kitchen entail unloading the dishwasher? hey, at least i didn't go so far as to name every step for making the peach pie or laying out... can you imagine?

my joy comes from getting up early and getting things accomplished...feeling productive! last saturday i woke up at 7:45am and by noon i had crossed off most of the list ~ just in time to go lay out.

on saturday we are loading our wagons and heading off for 2 months in Norman, Oklahoma. i laid awake well after midnight last night thinking of all the things we need to get done before the trip begins and i'm afraid that my list for tomorrow is going to more than double my list from last saturday. must remember - this is one of my simple pleasures. this is one of my simple pleasures.

once we found out norman had a taco cabana and an on the border it was like God was calling us to the promised land! But we are definitely interested to know if you have any good tips or restaurants that we can't miss while on our extended stay in Norman?