Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Road Trippin!

Justin and I started our very scenic road trip on saturday afternoon, and arrived at our final destination yesterday evening! We've been through Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas & Oklahoma! it was brilliant to break the trip up in sections, because it really cut the monotony of the trip, but little lola was lost this morning when we didn't put her in her crate and load her in the car!

lola, by the way, was just perfect. i'm sure she was just showing out for all the doting adorers, but we thought it would be a fantastic idea to start the potty training process on friday. she had been using pads, but on the road trip we had to go outside. little miss never missed a beat. honestly, she is so G.T. (gifted and talented). perfect in the car... perfect in strange houses... perfect on the side of the road.

~highlights of Road Trippin July 2008~

* killing time with season 6 of The West Wing (justin's favorite show of all time, so we started the series around the time of our wedding and we now have one disk and a season to go! it's REAL good!)

* getting eaten alive by the heat, humidity and mosquitoes of the south!

*relaxing with our family in arkansas

* our first taste of taco cabana in years... it was as good as we remembered. is that roasted salsa new? i'll be thinking about it for a long time.

*new hair courtesy of Brown Eyed Girl Salon & new friend for Lola, Milo (pictures to come!)

* and Gram's 85th birthday

we are happy to be in norman now. so far, our Oklahoma life is off to a very good start and we're both excited to begin a new 2008 adventure here.