Friday, August 01, 2008

living local in 08'

I've said out loud a couple times, lately, I wish i was the kind of person that went to the farmers market. The thought of eating local foods floors me and is so living great in 08'. I just get nervous buyers syndrome. Take me to the grocery store produce aisle, and after much trial and error, i now know exactly what we'll need and use before it goes bad. But for some reason the dern farmers market gives me the heeby~jeebies! i just KNOW i'll buy the wrong stuff and it will go bad and i'll waste money. and you all know how i LOVE wasting money.

so, i started with what i know will be used. WINE. when christina came for a visit a couple of weeks ago I got a Cute Label Wine ~ Polka Dot, the old stand by ~ Livingstone, and a local Kentucky Wine ~ Talon Sweet Evening Breeze.

I have to say... the Kentucky wine was delicious and inexpensive. The best part was that it was made right here in our very own town!
I also want to be the kind of Kentucky person that tours the wineries and distilleries. Both of those sound like lovely activities for me and my other half to try in the fall.

ps... happy birthday, christina! wish we were sharing a glass on a porch or a rooftop or a balcony somewhere. miss your guts.