Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas List

My mother-in-law asked me for a Christmas list for me and Justin on Saturday, and I was like HALLELUJAH! The only thing I hate as much as wasting money is getting presents that I didn't ask for. I know that's not the Christmas spirit, and it's the thought that counts, but what about the gifts that there was no thought put into and now you're stuck? A Christmas List would have solved all of those problems and curbed much disappointment. And a list can still have an element of surprise... make it long enough and vary the prices and you'll have no idea what you're going to get!

Here are the things on my list. Mom, don't worry ~ I'll be emailing you the real thing.

1. Mercury Glass - I just love the look of mercury glass, and I put it on my list last year and didn't get one cingular piece. It's at the top of this years list, so here's hoping. I'm not picky either, I'd like ornaments, vases, candle sticks, any and all pieces will be welcome in my home.

2. Black sequined fit flops - I've been singing the praises of the Fit Flop since I made my first Fit flop purchase back in April. I know I'll only spend $9 on my dress flats and $50 on flip flops, but I have worn those shoes every day since purchase. If that's not $50 worth of use I don't know what is. The problem I face is I wore my black ones to paint in and they look ratty, so I need the sequined ones to look NICE.

3. Black Sweater Boots - Of course I am not asking for the UGG version of these, and for all of you who were surprised to know that Wal*Mart has cute shoes, you should see these too. I think these are so cute, and for all intents and purposes I would be perfectly happy to have the $23.99 Wal*Mart version. However, that's just too much to pay for them on a regular old day.

4. iTunes Gift Card - I've said it before, and I'll say it again ~ gift cards are way underrated gifts! Christina got me a Wal*Mart gift card for my birthday and her husband thought it was soooooooooooo BeJanky, and I thought it was so thoughtful. I have mentioned Wal*Mart twice in this post... y'all are probably starting to think I am a redneck. I digress...I would definitely use this for all the sweet APPS and new songs for the ole iPhone that I always feel bad spending a whole dollar on. {but I have an iPhone...yeah, I hear ya on the irony thing...}
5. Stemware - Justin and I received all of our dishes and silverware, but didn't get a lick of stemware for wedding gifts! Fortunately, he has a pretty set of regular glasses, but I want the pretty stemware I picked out. I can already picture my beautiful table set with my dishes and stemware and mercury glass! I want to go home!

So there you have. The Top 5 things I want for Christmas, and really that's about all I can think of right now. Mom said and I quote, "All I want is for you and Justin to be here." I'm trying to figure out a way to wrap us up and put us under the tree. Be careful what you ask for!

Now I need to know... what are the top 5 things on YOUR list?